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Quote of the week:

"Seek respect, not attention. It lasts longer"

-Ziad Abdelnour


Zahid Conteh - 4/20

Myles Hidalgo- 4/21

Carson hunter - 4/21

Hajar Kamran - 4/21

Hanan Kamran - 4/21

Sam Forsberg - 4/23

Selihom Yosies - 4/25

Bianca Bedolla - 4/25

Jack Mcgowan - 4/27

Mahadie Ali - 4/27

COVID Vaccinations

Week of 3/16

Morning News! 

Check out our Morning Show from this week! 

The Morning Show – Episode 4 J

What are the committees doing?

Branding Committee- Last week branding committee worked on the atbyers website.

Pep Committee- Last week pep committee worked on building spring spirit events for our community to enjoy.

Recruitment Committee- Recruitment Committee worked on upcoming Freshman Orientation!

Upcoming Events
20 APR

Voting Day

22 APR

Earth Day Cleanup

24 APR 

DSST Offering Vaccines

30 APR 


Guess how much money we raised. Guess. I bet you won't get it. One million dolla-... Just kidding. 




What are clubs doing?

Anime - Watching different school appropriate anime's and in the future will look into the culture. 

Newspaper - Giving people their own voice to share and creating new relationships.

Book - Voting on and read new books as well as participating in games!

Chess - Learning, playing, improving, and having fun in chess!

Quiz bowl - Reading trivia questions and competing against classmates.

Drama - Star in a production or work on the production team!

Film production - offering freedom of expression through making of film, podcasts, and many more!

Student leadership - Working on gaining leadership skills and confidence.

Earth Day Campus Clean up

April NHS and Senior Projects are hosting an Earth Day event for all Byers students. Join us after-school on Earth day, Thursday April 22nd from 3:00 - 4:30 pm. We will separate into small groups with different tasks and you will remain in your group for the duration of the event.

College Corner

  • College goals for the class of 2021:

    • Class of 2021 will attend colleges with an average graduation rate of 65%

    • 100% of students will be accepted to a four-year college

  • Many colleges are choosing to go test optional because of cancelled testing! If you have questions about SAT/ACT registration or what "test-optional" may mean for you, reach out to a member of the College Success Team!

Other Resources

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