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DSST: Byers High School


May 2-6

Teacher Appreciation Week

May 4-13

AP Testing

Upcoming Events

Staff Core Value Award Nomination 

Is a member of the Byers team doing an exceptional job at living out our values?! Nominate them at ANY TIME and we will choose one person to recognize each month with a trophy, a shout-out in our family newsletter, morning news, and staff memo! 

AP Exam Schedules


Birthdays of the week!

Birthdays of the week!

Luke McGrath - 4/14

Kevin Aranguti - 4/16

Luke Lucado - 4/16

Abby Holmes - 4/16

Scout McGill - 4/16

Allison Horiuchi - 4/17

Michael Medrano - 4/17

Ahmed Abdelhadi - 4/17

Gavin Lopez - 4/18

Anthony Madrid-Torres - 4/20

Ashley Martinez-Torres - 4/20

Kaiden Cross - 4/20

Monday: Pajama Day

Tuesday: Character Day

Senior Signing Spirit Week Photos

Wednesday: 70s Day

I Need Some Help

This form will allow you to receive support from a staff member on DSST Byer's Mental Health Team . They will check this form on a daily basis and make sure that you are met with as soon as possible. Each submission is confidential (meaning no one else can see it) unless there is a safety concern.

SpeakUP Critical Incident Form

Use your voice to speak up against issues and harm in our community. We will always start with the reporter and can treat reports as anonymous. This form will be reviewed regularly and issues will be dealt with towards ensuring safety for the person reporting and according to DPS and DSST discipline policies.