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DSST: Byers High School


Highlights  from BNN This Week: 

- Senior Reminders!
- Meet the SEAL of Biliteracy!
- Senior bowling recap #skillz
- Talent Show info 1/30!!!
- Shenanigans
- Orange Crush 2/3!!
- Byers Name Change Update
- Speech and Debate is AWESOME!!!


Upcoming Events

January 31 - Jewels VS Jersey!!!

4:30 PM
Boys JV Game @ GVR
6:00 PM
Girls Varsity Game @ GVR
7:30 P
Boys Varsity Game @ GVR

February 1 - PINK DAY!!

4:30 PM
Boys JV Game @ Aurora West
6:00 PM
Girls Varsity Game @ Aurora West
7:30 PM
Boys Varsity Game @ Aurora West



Submit your senior PORTRAIT 

Submit your senior QUOTE

Submit your BABY PHOTO


Happy Birthday!!!

Ayman Alrefaie- 1/5

Boden Lupe- 1/6

Luis Varguez-Ramos- 1/7

Mercedez Chavira-Gallardo- 1/8

Nathan Vick- 1/9

Sara Alexander- 1/10

Simon Alexander- 1/10

Ayan Elamen- 1/10

Kevin Marin- 1/10

Gavin Doyle- 1/13

Ximena Rodarte- 1/13

Lana Sayed- 1/13

Sherlyn Prieto-Morales- 1/14

Francisco Almanza- 1/15

Mira Papantonio- 1/15

Tally Shannon- 1/16

Reed Mengel- 1/17

Leia Aubel- 1/18

William Clark- 1/18

Carolina Gutierrez-Garza- 1/18

Isabella Starr- 1/19

Hammam Hassan- 1/20

Elisabeth Choi- 1/21

Zoe Tweedy- 1/21

Andrew Bittner- 1/22

Mariame Marico- 1/22

Marley Kenerson- 1/25

Need To Know (like the Doja song)

Resources from Mental Health Team 

I Need Some Help!

• Use this form if you feel like seeking possible mental health support from one of our social workers! 

SpeakUP Critical Incident Form

Use your voice to speak up against issues and harm in our community. We will always start with the reporter and can treat reports as anonymous. This form will be reviewed regularly and issues will be dealt with towards ensuring safety for the person reporting and according to DPS and DSST discipline policies.

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