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DSST: Byers High School

Highlights  from BNN This Week: 

Last BNN of the year!

Upcoming Events

May 1- Asian Heritage Month!!!!!

12:00 PM
AP Chemistry Exam
AP Spanish Literature Exam

May 2

12:00 PM
AP Psychology

Buy your PROM TICKETS!!!

Sold during lunch!!

April 17-21


April 24-28


May 1-5


Happy Birthday!!!

Yoselline Cortez- 4/21

Hajar Kamran- 4/21

Hanan Kamran- 4/21

Selemun Measho- 4/21

Andrew Redden- 4/21

Tal Dilek- 4/23

Samuel Forsberg- 4/23

Wolf Schmitz- 4/23

Yaell Urrunaga- 4/23

Dai Arias-Cabrera- 4/24

Jack Horiuchi- 4/24

Ember Tolander- 4/24

Bianca Bedolla- 4/25

Joy Mast- 4/25

Alexandra Rivas-Persona- 4/12

Joshua Whitmire- 4/13

Finn Andrews- 4/15

Luke Lucado- 4/16

Madison McGill- 4/16

Ahmed Abdelhadi- 4/17

Mailyn Dominguez-Gonzalez- 4/17

Allison Horiuchi- 4/17

Jackson Ross- 4/17

Carter Valtierra- 4/17

Gavin Lopez- 4/18

Essey Abraha- 4/19

Anthony Madrid-Torres- 4/20

Ashley Martinez-Torres- 4/20

Matthew Falco- 4/26

Mahadie Ali- 4/27

Jack McGowan- 4/27

Anna Bane- 4/28

Daniel Kahsai- 4/28

Samantha Kang- 4/28

Abdilahi Saleman- 4/29

Jada Broadway- 5/1

Derek Gilbertson- 5/1

Brody Hatherly- 5/1

Arianna Mountford- 5/1

Mahamadou Marico- 5/2

Andrew Atkinson- 5/3

Nurkyz Israilova- 5/3

Need To Know (like the Doja song)

Resources from Mental Health Team 

I Need Some Help!

• Use this form if you feel like seeking possible mental health support from one of our social workers! 

Heading 1

SpeakUP Critical Incident Form

Use your voice to speak up against issues and harm in our community. We will always start with the reporter and can treat reports as anonymous. This form will be reviewed regularly and issues will be dealt with towards ensuring safety for the person reporting and according to DPS and DSST discipline policies.

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