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DSST: Byers High School

Highlights  from BNN This Week: 

Information about the Thrift n'Drive!

- Bring Clothes to donate March 6-10
- Come to find great new-to-you clothes from 4-5pm in the Cafeteria on March 10th!


Upcoming Events

March 22 - Women's History Month!!

4:30 PM
Girls Varsity Soccer vs William Smith


March 23

Beginning of Ramadan!!!!!



To submit a BeReal photo, click

To fill out the TEACHER SUPERLATIVE form, click

Happy Birthday!!!

Tyler Mengel- 3/8

Mohammad Abdulatif- 3/10

Camren Argote- 3/10

Elijah Dean- 3/10

Asa Foster- 3/10

Wyatt Kryvicky- 3/10

Peter Lund- 3/11

Aya AlRefaie- 3/15

Lawson Roesch- 3/15

AshLee Adrover- 3/16

Semoan Bahta- 3/16

Mathious Hagos- 3/16

Abigail McDowell- 3/16

Oscar Medel-Flores- 3/16

Valerie Ramirez- 3/16

Adlan Suliman- 3/16

John Wilkinson- 3/16

Alex Oliver- 3/17

Gabrielle Damian- 3/19

Elizabeth Fierro-Guzman- 3/19

Veronica Francisco- 3/19

Krysta Duran- 3/20

Ryan Graham- 3/20

Piath Randhal- 3/21

Sarah Tweedy- 3/21

Emily Dolan- 3/23

Jamie Martinez- 3/24

Gabrielle Robinson- 3/24

Cole Wolfe- 3/24

Myles Conant- 3/25

Wyatt Ferguson- 3/25

Joel Jaquez-Saenz- 3/25

Samuel Wischmeyer- 3/25

Michaela Gayles- 3/26

Ashton Martinez- 3/26

Maxwell Bicknell- 3/27

Abeal Gebreziabher- 3/27

Christian Chambers- 3/29

Want a chance to be in the YEARBOOK?

Need To Know (like the Doja song)

Resources from Mental Health Team 

I Need Some Help!

• Use this form if you feel like seeking possible mental health support from one of our social workers! 

SpeakUP Critical Incident Form

Use your voice to speak up against issues and harm in our community. We will always start with the reporter and can treat reports as anonymous. This form will be reviewed regularly and issues will be dealt with towards ensuring safety for the person reporting and according to DPS and DSST discipline policies.

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