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Clubs listed below may change over the course of the 2022-2023 school year!


Newspaper Club

Mrs. Hickey + Valentina Rutledge 

Our very own Byers Newspaper. Your voice. Your space.  Good Times. Good Friends.

Meets Fridays in room 11 from 3:30-4:30!


Newspaper Club
(The Talon Times)

Mrs. Hickey & Aviva Weiser

Our very own Byers Newspaper, The Talon Times ONLINE. Your voice. Your space.  Good Times. Good Friends.

Meets on Fridays in Room 10 from 3:30 to 4:30


Welding club

Mr. Weismiller

Learn the basics of welding and explore a potential profession that could take you to new heights!

Meets Thursdays in the FabLab (room 09) afterschool!


InVestment Club


Learn the basics of investing and how it can be applied in your life!

Meets Fridays afterschool in room 205!


speech and Debate

Ms. Strother

For those who are interested in politics, speaking, news, and winning tournaments.

Meets Tuesdays and Thursdays afterschool from 3:30-4:15 in room 4!


Robotics Club

Mr. Sheperd

Join our massively successful robotics team and design and program robots that will perform in competition!

Meets Tuesdays and Fridays in the FabLab (room 09) afterschool!


Ping Pong Club

Dr. Oz and Mr. Chathapuram

Come have fun and gain some new skill and experience playing ping pong!

Meets Fridays afterschool in the future center!


Ultimate Frisbee Club

Mr. Baraza

Have fun and gain new experience playing Ultimate Frisbee!

Come back soon to see when and where this club meets! (Still being decided)

newspaper club 2.jpg
newspaper club 1.jpg

Newspaper Club
(The Talon Times)

newspaper club 3.jpg
art club 1.jpg
art club 2.jpg

Byers Canvas

art club 3.jpg

Card Game & Theory Club


Ms. Pahls

Challenge one another and learn new games to improve your skills and have fun hanging out!

Meets Thursdays during lunch and Wednesdays afterschool in room 208!


Drama Club

Ms. Heiken

Students can star in production or be on the production team and work on tech.

Meets in the Dance Studio Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:00 - 5:15 afterschool!


Auto Tech & Bicycle Maintenance Club

Mr. Weismiller

Gain a new understanding of the vehicles used on a daily basis all around the world! As well as other feats of engineering!

Meets in the FabLab (room 09) Mondays afterschool!


Anime Club

Mr. Brown

A club for those who are interested in watching/discussing Anime! No previous anime knowledge needed.

Meets Tuesdays and Thursdays afterschool from 3:30-4:15 in room 204 (Tues) and 205 (Thurs)!


Chess Club

Mr. Baraza

A chess club to learn, play, improve, and have fun!

Meets Mondays afterschool in room 209!

Video Game Club


Ms. Bittner (Until a teacher sponsor is identified)

Plays various videogames on multiple consoles and hosts local tournaments.

Meets Mondays afterschool in room 103!

video game club 1.HEIC
video game club 2.HEIC

Video Game

Guitar Club



Come with experience or not to learn how to play guitar and play together!

Meets Tuesdays afterschool in room 28 A!

Poetry Slam CLub


Ms. Augustine

Hang out-Improve your writing-Read dope poetry-Field Trips-Competition

Come back soon to see when and where this club meets!

Running Club

Mr. Whipple

 Run with your classmates! Whether or not you joined the Cross Country team last fall, this is a great opportunity for spring track competitions. We start and end at the south east field.

Come back in the winter to see when and where this club meets!

Art Club


Mr. Brown + Adriana Venzor and Alyssa Plowman

Discover a new passion for art and express your creativity through multiple mediums!

Meets Mondays afterschool from 3:30-4:15 in room 07!

PoLitics CLub


Ms. Hickey

Hang out and discuss relevant modern politics and learn more about the world as it evolves around you!

Meets Thursdays afterschool from 3:30-4:15 in room 11!

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