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Recruitment committee

Ms. Burkhardt and Naomi  Tesfaldet

Recruitment Committee works to teach valuable life skills through sales tactics and use the existing student body to conduct shadow days for upcoming freshmen.

Meets on Fridays during lunch in the conference room


Pep Committee

Mrs. Ndiaye & Michaela Gayles

Pep committee works to help spread school spirit by decorating for dances, planning pep rallies, choosing spirit week themes, and more!

Meets on Mondays at 3:30-4:30 in Room 220


Sustainability  Committee

Mr. Schardin & Reed Mengel

Sustainability Committee works to keep Byers as green as possible through encouraging composting and maintaining and expanding our school gardens.

Journalism Committee

Mr. Bienkowski & Valentina Rutledge

 Journalism Committee oversees the production of the yearbook, the weekly newscast (BNN), the newspaper, a TikTok account (@bnn_byers), an upcoming Youtube channel, and two upcoming podcasts. You can find their work here!

Has no formal meeting time

Name Change Committee

Ms. Curry & Grace Hatch

Name Change Committee is to facilitate a process to explore changing the school’s name, create spaces in our community to learn about erased Colorado history, and connect with the Native American community in a more intentional way.

Meets on Thursdays in room 101 from 3:30 to 4:15

Mrs. Curry and Alondra Saenz

Branding Committee works to keep the website updated weekly and ensure that students can access quick and easy information on a variety of topics about Byers as well as keep the school updated on upcoming events.


Wednesdays from 1:45-2:15 PM in the conference room



Mr. Whipple & Reed Mengel

Service Committee works to integrate service into the daily culture at Byers by participating in year-round service initiatives alongside National Honor Society.

Meets on Thursdays in the future center from 3:30 to 4:30

Senior planning committee

Ms. Couture & Omnia Mahmoud

Senior Planning Committee is a committee that strives to make the senior year most memorable for our senior class. The goal is to plan events specifically for the class of 2022 that are fun and engaging.

Meets on Mondays at lunch in the Future Center

Election Committee

Mr. Johnson & Jack Nackashima

Election Committee runs our student government elections and helps spread voter awareness though out the school. Reach out to Jack Nackashima if you're interested!

Has no formal meeting time

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