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-          Girls Volleyball
-          Boys Soccer
-          Cross Country
-          Boys Basketball
-          Girls Basketball
-          Girls Soccer
-          Boys Volleyball
Year Round:
-          Speech and Debate
-          Competition/Sideline Cheer
-          Step/Dance

Athletic registration for next year, the 2021 – 2022 school year is now open! In order to participate in athletics at DSST Byers Middle & High School you MUST register via Team Snap using the link above. Each summer rosters from the previous school year are retired, so regardless if you’ve played on the team before, you must re register each year.

Step at Pep Rally
Step at Pep Rally

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Orange Crush Competition
Orange Crush Competition

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Boy's Basketball
Boy's Basketball

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Step at Pep Rally
Step at Pep Rally

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Visit our Team Snap site to register and view our calendar

Volleyball Updates 2021- 2022 season

Heading 2


Check out cheerleading from last year! This is their state video:
Cheer Team 2020
Cheer Team 2020

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Cheer and Poms
Cheer and Poms

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Cheer Practice
Cheer Practice

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Cheer Team 2020
Cheer Team 2020

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Athletic Update

Good afternoon Falcons,

With the recent stay at home orders issued by the Colorado Department of Public Health, the Colorado High School Activities Association (CHSAA) has made the following updates to their already adjusted calendar. As a member of CHSAA, DSST Byers will follow all recommendations and guidelines set forth by the association and Denver Public Schools. As a DSST Byers Community, if we want a chance of athletics returning this year we have to do our part in implementing the current stay at home orders. At this point indoor athletics will not return unless current risk levels drop below yellow (we are currently at level red). Please stay at home as much as possible, restrict gatherings to only members of your household, socially distance, and wear a mask.


Updated CHSAA Calendar/Information:

- Denver Public Schools has restricted indoor gym access until December 28th at the earliest.
- Season B-D will be shortened one week in length and will now be 7 weeks
- All CHSAA Events will end by June 26.
- Spirit Championship in Season B will run March 25-27 Board approval for those dates
- Practices for all seasons will run Thursday – Saturday the week before competition with the exception of Football (Wednesday – Saturday) to allow for the minimum number of practice dates
- Girls Golf will run from April 19 – June 22 for equity in mirroring the length of boys golf which ran in Season A
- Girls Tennis will run from April 26 – June 12 per Bethany to avoid conflict with USTA Event
- Season C Football will run from March 15 – May 15 to allow for 9 weeks Adam needs to complete the season and will overlap the end of Season B and start of Season D by one week

Any questions ask Mr. Grief!

COVID 19 & 2020-21 School Year Athletics Updates


The 2020-21 season will be played with a modified sport schedule due to the on-going global pandemic, creating four separate sports seasons during the school year. The modified calendar splits sports into four seasons, concluding in late June: A, B, C and D

Each season is approximately seven weeks from start to finish. Sports will have their regular season competition limits reduced. The postseason for each sport will also be shortened, including the number of state qualifiers. The following 2020 fall sports will begin as originally scheduled: boys golf began practice on Aug. 3, softball and boys tennis began on Aug. 10, and cross country on Aug. 12. According to the modified calendar, this is Season A.

Sports in Season B will begin on Jan. 4, and conclude by March 6. These sports include: basketball, ice hockey, skiing, spirit, girls swimming and wrestling.

Season C, which begins on March 1 and concludes with championships by May 1, includes the following sports: field hockey, football, gymnastics, boys soccer, unified bowling and girls volleyball.

The 2020-21 calendar will conclude with Season D. Sports include: baseball, girls golf, boys and girls lacrosse, girls soccer, girls tennis, boys swimming, track and field and boys volleyball. This season will begin with practice on April 26, and it concludes with the final championship on June 26.

For any sport that we do not offer at DSST Byers, student can either play at the school closest to where they live or the school closest to DSST Byers which is South High School. In order to access athletics at another DPS school you must follow their registration guidelines per their athletic website. To receive at PE credit or have your schedule adjusted at DSST Byers High School you must fill out the PE Credit Form below.

 For more information visit

CHSAA COVID - 19 Requirements and Mandates



Click HERE to register for athletics through Team Snap (Required to Play)


For a complete athletic schedule please click HERE.


Coaches Contact Information HERE


Athletic Participation Requirements

**All waviers/physicals must be uploaded digitally to your Team Snap Profile**

  1. $75.00 athletic fee is required per sport (Will be adjusted due to COVID-19)

  2. Updated sports physical is required to play.

  3. By earning (and keeping) a minimum grade of a C (70) or better in all but ONE class

  4. Regular COVID - 19 Screening procedures

  5. Denver Public Schools COVID - 19 Waiver

  6. Denver Public Schools General Release of Liability Waiver

  7. CHSAA Competitor Brochure



Athletic Handbook

PE Credit Form