Mayor: Natalie Wadhwa


Clerk: Andreas Faus


Comptroller: Katelyn Osborne

2020-2021 Class officers

Senior Class Officers

President: Selihom Yosief - "I joined student government because I wanted to be part of the decision-making process within our school pertaining to equity and student life."

Secretary: Otis Moore - "I wanted to join student government because I wanted a voice in how our school operates."

Junior Class Officers

President: Cora Rhodes - "I am in student government to help push for making online school more effective and to advocate for fun activities after school. I will work closely with the other class officers to ensure you all are represented."

Secretary: Mia Scara - This year I wanted to run in to make our school's environment is enjoyable and engaging as possible.

Sophomore Class Officers

President: Aya Saad - "I joined student gov to help my community fight for what they dont have. as class president, I care about my class and I want to represent them in anyway I could."

Vice President: Roxana Haas - "I joined stugov in order to help make changes and improvements in our school, and to learn about myself as a leader."

Treasurer: Jacob Brenner - "I want to be a part of student government because it gives me an opportunity to make the change I want to see in our school and wider community."

Vice President: Nadia Michael - "I will work towards making your online school experience as engaging and efficient as it could be. Alongside the other class officers, I will respond to student feedback effectively to meet every student's needs as best as I can."

Treasurer: Merci Schneider - "I want to be a part of student government because it is a great way to gain leadership skills while being involved in the school community."

Vice President: Graham Warejko - "I wanted to join student government because I wanted to make a difference in the way Byers is run and help create a better more inclusive community for everyone."

Secretary: Valentina Rutledge - "I joined student government to embrace a leadership opportunity and support my class during these uncertain times."

Treasurer: Naomi Tesfaldet - "I joined student government to represent, serve, and be a voice for the class of 2023."

Freshmen Class Officers

President: Dai Arias - "I joined Student Gov so I can help as many people as possible."

Vice President: Xiomara Hernandez - "I chose to be in Student Gov because I want to help teachers and students to contribute to each other and alo to help my comunity."

Secretary: Ella Nichols - "I joined student government to make beneficial changes in the school community as well as connect with my peers more."

Treasurer: Liam Shannon - "I joined student government in the hopes of being able to impact meaningful change in our community and seeking to help develop a more caring and welcoming group of students for every member of our community."