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How do I check 

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Username: Student ID (Lunch #)
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How do I fix my Tech Problem?!?

Use this Website to solve your problem

+ Restart your Computer

Contact your Advisor using Teams or Email

Most Common Problems

Program not opening? Settings aren’t loading? Sound/Video is not working?

  • Shut down your computer and let it sit for 30 sec.


Popup when you are trying to login?

Teams App is down


Outlook App is down

School Computer Stops working all together

  • Set up links on your personal device (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.)

           VPN Setup: Use this instruction guide


Microsoft Teams

How to send a Message
How to make a Call
Do Not Disturb, Pin & Mute
Join call from a Calendar invite
Join call from a Link
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Google Classroom

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Answering a Question
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How to Write an Email
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Screen-shotting with the Snipping Tool

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